In the grand scheme of things

I was asked to read some of information that my group gathered individually. Reading each persons piece helped me take in new information and be able to rely on new sources.

Megan’s inquiry log 3 post, she talks about how there are problems with communication between doctors and patients. Kayla’s inquiry log 2 talks about how she wishes there could be more “equality” in the cancer world. Immanuel’s Inquiry Log 2 talks about how breast cancer can be a gateway to increase the awareness of other cancers because all cancers need to be made aware of due to funding, prevention, and learning early symptoms.

In the grand scheme of things we’re moving into new directions. Ultimately we just all seem to be focusing on cancer patients and what they go through. There should be more awareness for all cancers no matter where they stand on the scale of more deadly, or more people affected. There should be more support from organizations, and even doctors.

My group members each did a great job with their inquiries. Ultimately I see that our inquiry about cancer is growing as we find other ways to expand our initial inquiry question. We’ve formed questions about the main purpose of partaking in cancer awareness, whether or not there is enough support for cancer patients, and the mental/emotional health of a person diagnosed with cancer.


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