Points in a Reflection Piece

There are 3 primary areas of reflection

1.Identify: capture a moment that is a significant to you as a writer so that you can come back a have a new perspective or elaborate on it. The moment doesn’t have to have changed you

2.Analyze: framework can be a religious, class room, ethics, writing class stance. think of ideas and try to relate them to something personal, question them, take other people’s opinions & questions into account

3.Articulate: form new understandings, making walk away statements, what learning took place, shows change in thinking… notice challenges and accomplishments “In the future I will” – isn’t necessary

*True work of reflection isn’t a summary, or just a free write. You need all 3 components not necessarily in that order.


Argument in relationship

1. think of the actual argument recall how angry you were, mean things said etc

2. You can think of what the bigger picture, what did the argument stem from, what was trying to be said that wasn’t necessarily said

3. I need to learn to listen to understand and not listen to respond


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