Free write: 7 Characteristics of genre

7 Characteristics of genre:

-social: help people make sense of shared social experiences

-dynamic: have purposeful choices within in, they are stable

-rhetorical: stable and fluid (purposeful; you’re doing something with intent in mind), since they are you know theres a mix of things to choose from

-historical: the genre itself: are about Antecedent genre: off spring things comes from

-Cultural: macro level of context then micro… R.Williams: culture is a particular way of life, of a time and a place, other things experienced by a group that understands itself as a identifiable group. Cultures define what genre looks like *ex:social media platforms *ex: scientists use lab reports not poems

- situated: micro level of genre:  situation determines type of genre your’e going to see. ex: note on car could be a ticket or note depending on you. Ex: slideshow for wedding makes you happy, same photos can make you sad if you used for a funeral book

  -ideological: think about values, ideologies are sets of value systems. Genres have value system depending on how much you use them you may later adapt them.

Julies Notes :


-cant be defined just like you cant really define yourself completely

-are representative of our lives

-any social act can be discussed in terms of genres

-ways of being in the world, there are so many ways of doing and saying things etc

*”Genres pervade lives. People use them, consciously and unconsciously, creatively and formulaically, for social functions and individual purposes, with critical awareness and blind immersion, in the past and yet today. They shape our experiences, and our experiences shape them. As we study and teach these ways of acting symbolically with others, we may be approaching an understanding not just of genres but the messy ways that human beings get along in their worlds” (Devitte,Writing 219).


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