The Little Ones (Group Contribution Copy)

In recent years, cancer fundraising and awareness events has become an easy way for people to express support in the fight for a cure. However, studies indicate that not many people actually learn more about cancer from awareness activities. Furthermore, fundraising and awareness are poorly distributed through different types of cancer, meaning, some cancers are receiving millions of dollars annually, while smaller cancers struggle to to finance the basic needs of treatment.

No matter the survival rate, ‘popularity’, or funding, cancer is a scary disease that deeply touches the lives of people across the world. What makes this fact scarier is that some people do not understand the several different forms that cancer can take and how it can effect patients in more ways than just physical health.

The Little Ones is an online foundation that provides resources to educate others on several different aspects of smaller, less common cancers. Resources include patient video logs, blog posts, and articles that introduce different perspectives of the effects of cancer that they may not have known of before.

The Little Ones will also provide articles that will allow patients and family members to think beyond the medical treatment of cancer, such as emotional and spiritual health. Research has proven that stable emotional health plays a major role in cancer treatment, but it is also the hardest to maintain during such a difficult journey. Video logs of actual cancer patients during their treatment will be included in this website, providing hope and comfort to all those who are involved in the journey to treatment.

Finding the cure to cancer is not an easy task, but if there is equality in attention and fundraising in all different types and effects of cancer, we can bring ourself that much closer to a cure.


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