In the meantime and in between time

In UWRT 1103 we were divided into inquiry groups and each group focused on a particular topic. My groups focus was centered on the following question, “How can we make more people aware of the larger conversation around unknown forms of cancer and bring additional funding for research to the less commonly known forms of cancer”? As far as starter research goes two questions that I personally chose to focus on were “What knowledge can we gain through awareness of the “little ones” to reduce these cancer risks? Who is currently speaking out for the “little ones”?

As far as “who is speaking out for the little ones?” I did some research on cancer awareness. I came across The site lists months of the year and below it has the type of cancer that awareness is being brought to. If there is a month dedicated to specific cancers you are bound to hear stories of experience, find support, raise money, and gain information. It felt good coming across this because I had no idea that awareness existed in this form. I am only familiar with October and breast cancer awareness month because it’s so publicized. It took me a few searches to find this because at first the main thing that search engines found were all breast cancer related. The whole page of link dealt with breast cancer alone, images, articles, blog posts, etc. I am still trying to wrap my head around why breast cancer awareness trumps all others and it isn’t even the number 1 cause of death when it comes to both women and men. I thought that it being the number one suggestion from my search was pretty unfair, and that thought alone links to my other research question.

As far as research goes on the other question, so far it has been tough. Finding information on who actually speaks out on the behalf of less mentioned cancers is hard to do. A lot of my searches went directly to the list of common cancers. Common cancer types includes cancers that are diagnosed with the greatest frequency, obviously this is the opposite of what I was looking for. I have realized that I probably will have to look into different cancers individually. Searching on them as a whole gives me less results. Hopefully my group can help me broaden my question so that I can answer it better. I am sure of other ways besides the Internet to go about answering this. In the meantime and in between time just to be sure back to the drawing board we go!


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