Free write 02/04/15

Discourse Communities having ties to others can create conflict.

Just because you master the 5 paragraph essay doesn’t automatically make you a “good writer”

Harris expresses frustration with “the common way of talking about a subject”

Student writing isn’t fully separated from academic writing

you can’t say there are multiple academic discourses

Places differ when it comes to laws, and rules…

Consequences are strains on individualism within a discourse community

Community can be negative and it isn’t alway positive.. sometimes you have to suppress self

Harris and Swales help you learn about inquiry

Burkes Parlor

– a debate is being had, an ongoing one, no one is being persuaded to the others side

– even as you let go of the topic, even leave it, afterwards it’s still being debated

Inquiry Assignment

Writing is bottom up not top down, no thesis statement for our inquiry


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