Is Teen Pregnancy the new norm?

An inquiry is a request for information. When you want to inquire about something you want to gain knowledge on it. You can inquire through questions, interviews, investigations, or by your own thoughts and experiences to further your knowledge on a topic. The line of Inquiry that I wish to explore is “Why is being a pregnant teenager starting to be received as a new normal.

There is no stereotype, when it comes to teen pregnancy. All teens have their own opinions their choices and even about the choices of others. Each person’s opinion is usually based off his or her own background, beliefs, experiences, and etc. When it comes to pregnancy it can come by choice for example choosing not to be on birth control, or not using protection. On the other hand it could happen from bad things like rape. In the end once pregnant teenage girls can choose to have a baby and keep it or the opposite. It concerns me due to the fact that many kids that I know are getting the shorter end of the stick because their parent is basically still a child mentally themselves.

The teen pregnancy topic is considered so normal in today’s generation that a reality show has come into the works. Two shows on MTV 16 and pregnant and Teen mom are confusing to me, due to the fact that the message is unclear sometimes. I’m not sure if the show is trying to prevent or promote pregnancy. The first show “16 and Pregnant” did seem to show the hardships as it shared the lives of teens before they had the baby. Then “Teen Mom” came about and it seemed the complete opposite. The only good thing that I think comes from the show is the check that the mothers are receiving for being filmed. Personally due to some story lines I pray that the check is actually being used toward the child but you never know. This show is a concern to many other people as well due to mixed messages.

I believe today pregnancy rates in teens have no real reason to be increasing. We know by now how to use different methods of contraception, we know the risk. At one point it wasn’t necessarily good be have a child young. Today it seems like babies are just coming out left and right and everyone is just going along with it. I disagree with the fact that no one really cares anymore because we should. Teenage parents aren’t completing school, some end up homeless, the child isn’t being taught the correct values and morals, or they’re simply acting older than they should from lack of good parenting. It is almost as if all the teen parents of today care about is what appears to the eye. Things like if their child looks good, has nice clothes, and seems to be outshining other kids when it comes to gifts and birthday parties, Christmas, etc.

Some teens simply are not ready to take on the responsibility of a child but their putting themselves in unnecessary positions to. I know that sometimes mistakes happen but it’s starting to seem as if teens are okay with just having babies because most are using any form of prevention. We should question “Are kids just used as accessories? Should shows that promote teen pregnancy be aired? Are children just being used for government benefits?” Personally I don’t think teen pregnancy should be accepted as normal and okay. There should be better ways of prevention.


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