Class Facilitation (Literacies and/in Contexts & Writing/Composing)

“Literacies and/in Contexts & Writing/Composing” Group

People are judged based on writing alone which shouldn’t be the case

People specialize in different areas

We all possess both strengths and weaknesses

*Video Joshua Bell playing the violin in DC metro station

-very talented musician when he does a free “concert” in a metro station no one was paying attention yet usually people pay to hear him play he’s sold out in theatre’s.

-the context of the situation can change people’s reaction

-all of this can go with writing, if someone is interested in what you write they can read it with a better attitude, or can appreciate it better

-articles vary by genre due to their context for example you would not write a paper with the same format that you would when writing a paper for a grade in an english class

*Symbolism varies among us

– due to things like history, personal views, experiences

– knowing the context of things is important

– when translating meaning can be lost


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