Power, Adaptation, Grace

“Although literacy is a problem of pressing national concern, we have yet to discover or set its boundaries”

—Scribner arid Cole, “Metaphors,” paraphrasing George McGovern in 1978

This particular quote stuck out to me because if its such a concern why isn’t more being done about this? In addition to this I’ve never heard much about this issue, therefore more awareness should probably be given on the topic.

I think that the fact that Bush felt that if you teach a child to read they could pass a reading test was such bs because just because you can read doesn’t mean you fully understand exactly what you are reading. You can read something and not mispronounce anything, read fluently, etc and not be able to even explain all that you just read. Reading test for example the EOG’s in elementary wants you to read and then answer questions about what you read. So your ability to grasp concepts is more important.

Classmate said: “everyone doesn’t have the same strengths.. its like telling a monkey, fish and elephant they will all be given the same test to be fair but the test is to climb a tree.

standardized test don’t really measure how smart you are.

the 5 paragraph concept should be a basis for your work.

Metaphor gives us insight on how we perceiver the world.

We see literacy in 3 different ways

power: upward mobility

adaptation: you need it to get by in the world

grace: you are more human, better, have a better capacity for knowledge, more spiritual growth

It doesn’t sit well with me that teachers aren’t teaching teach. I feel like we’re being taught to just pass standardized tests and things of that nature just to look better as whole as a nation. Having good test scores in order to compete with other countries. We’re constantly being tested and instead of actually learning and being unique we are all the same and we do more remembering and rehearsal of info just for a test and then we forget.


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