Rambling about Good Writing

Literacy is “the quality or state of being literate”, it is being “versed in literature or creative writing having knowledge or competence” according to a source. When I think of the term I think of being able to read, write, and talk properly even when not always being grammatically correct. I also compare it to the term being illiterate only because my generation uses illiterate too loosely.

It can be hard to be a good writer these days. Good writing is writing that makes a difference, writing the can win the hearts and minds of its readers. Qualities of good writing according to some sources are well-developed content, good organization, and a writer’s strong voice. Some qualities that I find in good writing are, a sense of passion, humor, hyperbole, imagery, and a storyline that keeps me wanting to continue reading non stop until I finish. Some qualities that you would not find in good writing are no change. I think as a writer your writing should evolve. In good writing you wouldn’t find many grammatical error, and unanswered anticipated questions and etc.

In writing or communication something that “grinds my gears” is when people misuse your and you’re, their, there, and they’re in writing. I struggle sometimes myself but I feel like the teenagers overly misuse it in my generation. I see it mostly on social media and I just silently hope that the teens cover those areas better when it comes to their schoolwork.

A professor at Georgia Perimeter College made a blog post about “Teaching as Unteaching” and it has some interesting points pertaining to writing. The post discusses contradictions, conjunctions, using “I’ and “you in your writing. In addition to that it talks about the re-wiring of students brains when it comes to writing papers. What I got out of it is that your writing will change throughout your academic career and that as you evolve so will your writing. Also I learned to be able to take constructive criticism when it comes to your works of writing, taking all the advice and doing what works best for you is what will have you on the road to becoming a good writer.

After all the research I did on writing I can say I can’t wait to evolve. I am ready to get to a point where good writing comes naturally to me.




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