Freewrite 1/14

My ideas of what good writing consists of and my grammar rant stemmed from different things like…

Tv shows-(One Tree Hill) -(Gossip Girl)

Movies-(Great Gatsby) -(Forrest Gump)

Social Media-(Twitter) -(Tumblr) -(Instagram)

Books-(Chasing Red Bird) (Anything by Fitzgerald) (Things by Rob Hill Sr.) etc

School/Class-(Journalism, English)

Mostly my teachers in school always hounded us on grammar. I’m pretty good at spelling and I do struggle with syntax. I’ve never had a hard time with reading and writing it comes naturally to me even if I make mistakes. I work hard to learn and apply what I learn, I just wish others would do the same. If you practice something you get better at it and you shouldn’t cheat yourself in your writing.

By the end of todays class I learned that a lot of my classmates have different opinions on people based on  their ability to write. That caught me off guard because I didn’t agree. Thats besides the point, I did learn about how your judged on your writing depends on who makes the rules, how you’re able to convey it and etc.


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