An inquiry is a request for information. An inquiry is usually a open ended question.When you want to inquire about something basically you want to gain knowledge on it. You can inquire through questions, interviews, or investigations. Inquiry based learning(IBN) is when you involve a learner and help lead them into understanding.  Evidence has been happened to show IBL can enhance student engagement, academic achievement and
higher order learning outcomes. Inquiry based learning is used in math, science, and psychology. Inquiry based learning would be used less in say an athletic field. Everyone does not agree on what Inquiry and Inquiry Based Learning is. There are various definitions on the two and a subject will use a particular definition that pertains to that subject itself. In addition some people don’t think that inquiry learning is worth the time. For example a question was posed “how learning happens isn’t as important as whether that learning encourages students to try to learn even more.” Overlaps in people’s understanding of IBL were discussed in the following article.


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